and thank you for your interest in G. Taube Modellbau CAD-Service GmbH.

We are a midsized family business with headquarters in Haßloch/Pfalz, which was founded in 1986 by Günther Taube.

We guarantee our customers innovative and flexible solutions even for the most complex business requirements. Our solutions reflect profound know-how, expert craftsmanship and professional experience, all spanning diverse industries. The materials and technologies we employ are tried and proven and absolutely current.

One of our biggest sources of pride in that regard is our new development, the „T&T“- Retaining device for holding work pieces, which has been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office and has won the Rheinland-Pfalz Innovation Prize for 2011.

G. Taube Modellbau Company has also been nominated for the „Grand Prix of the Midsized Business 2012”.

We are also certified to DIN ISO 9001.

Our highly motivated and qualified team has always been able to bring even the most extraordinary ideas to life in a customer oriented, precise manner, whether the request is for small or large production runs, or even the manufacturing of a single part.

Among our customer are renowned companies from the automotive, aerospace, packaging, foundry and supplier industries. In the future, we hope to include you as one of our customers as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Günther Taube & Team


1986 - 2016
30 Years G. Taube Modellbau CAD-Service GmbH